Motorcycle Clubs Are Not All Bad

Published: 22nd January 2008
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Motorcycle clubs are historically divided into two types: One-percenters, and everyone else (or 99-percenters). Motorcycle

Clubs are the epitome of what Brotherhood is all about. Members of motorcycle clubs are often viewed in a negative light

by traditional society but they are legal enterprises with nothing more than fun and charity in mind when they ride. Many

people unfamiliar with Motorcycle Clubs are unaware of the vernacular used by bikers and members of motorcycle clubs, as

well as some of the insignias adorning club vests. An astonishing range of motorcycle clubs are now in existence, bringing

together riders with common interests.

A motorcycle club (MC) is an organized club of dedicated motorcyclists who join together for camaraderie, strength of

numbers, and peer group acceptance. Motorcycle clubs draw members because events like ride-a-thons to raise money

for cancer research also allow the clubs to congregate and show off their freshly waxed wheels. Motorcycle clubs usually

have a group of elected officers, a probationary period for new members, and a measure of privacy about their internal

structure, bylaws, and membership. The membership process for most motorcycle clubs begins as a guest or "hang-

around", wherein an individual is invited to some club events or meets club members at known gathering places. Some

amount of hazing may occur during the prospecting period, ranging from the mandatory performance of menial labor tasks

for full patch members to sophomoric pranks, and, in the case of some outlaw motorcycle clubs, acts of civil disobedience

or crime. The typical internal organization of a motorcycle club consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary,

road captain, and sergeant-at-arms.

Because we wear a three piece patch and an "MC" some people think we are part of the so-called 1% of bikers who are

often called "outlaws. The Colors or Patch stand for the motorcycle club's (Any motorcycle club) insignia. The center is the

logo called the "Deathhead", and the small square with "MC" stands for Motorcycle Club. If you aren't a Club member, you

have no business wearing any Colors while riding a motorcycle.

Most of the negative perceptions of bikers stem from Hollywood movies that glorify the violence of outlaw gangs like the

Hells Angels and the Pagans. The film The Wild One, starring Marlon Brando, was inspired by the outlaw gangs and it

became the first in a series of movies that depicted bikers and members of motorcycle clubs in this stereotypical manner.

While one-percenters garner much publicity for their activities and misdeeds, there are many, many more motorcycle clubs

and bikers that instead identify as ninety-nine percenters, that is to say, not one-percenters.

The Defenders LEMC is one such club. They are made up of active & retired Law Enforcement Officers, emergency

services, military and public safety professionals that love riding motorcycles. Part of their commitment is riding to raise

funds to support worthy causes and law enforcement charities. They support public safety, community events, and

programs for children and families in need. Up coming events include: "Jericho's Heat The Street" Benefit ride on

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 at 11:30AM.

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